• ES6 Feature Performance

    With ES6 features landing quickly in native browsers and readily available for use through Babel and Traceur, it seemed like it was time to look not just at support, but also the performance impact of using these features under the current implementations.

    While there is great promise for the future, the picture of ES6 feature performance today is very muddled and depends on the specific feature being used. Some such as bindings and simple arrow/destructuring are ready for use today, others such as generators and tagged template strings might require analysis before using.

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  • May Conference Recap

    I had the pleasure of attending portions of Google IO, CSS Conf, and JS Conf and wanted to summarize my notes on these conferences. These are my own take aways and may not have been what the presenter intended. If I’m completely off base, please feel free to drop me a line. This is also not inclusive as there are only so many sessions that one can attend :)

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  • OSX Frontend Toolchain

    I’m currently in the middle of inventorying my machine so I can retire the time machine image that has spanned far too many years and far too many machines. Rather than stuffing this in Evernote to be used once I figured I’d post this to the community.

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  • Lumbar: Modular Javascript Build

    Since joining @WalmartLab’s mobile web team close to a year ago we have been very busy rebuilding the mobile web platform using Backbone, Handlebars, Stylus and other awesome open source tools and frameworks

    Even though these tools allow for some pretty impressive feats of javascript, we kept hitting inefficiencies both in execution and developer time due to resource loading and management.

    When dealing with handlebars for example, we consistently found that we were trying to fight against the system to manage the templates used by a view. We neither wanted to manually inline the template in the javascript as we all know that escaping a language within a language is just painful, ala Java running SQL, nor did we want to add the additional overhead of an additional request for deferred loading of templates or worse inlining all application templates within the html file.

    Being both constrained by the mobile environment and needing to operate at the scale of Walmart it became apparent very quickly that we needed to have some sort of build-time utility to manage this so the developer can focus on creating the application logic, throw it into the build tool and out comes a nicely optimized module of code and styles.

    Lumbar along with the associated Lumbar projects such as lumbar-loader and lumbar-long-expires are the fruits of these efforts.

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  • Quick: Firediff and Firefocus updated for 5.0 support

    Both Firediff and Firefocus have been updated to increase the target application support up to Firefox 5.0.

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