Firefocus is a simple Firebug extension that tracks the element that currently has focus. Its primary purpose is to assist the debugging of advanced keyboard implementations without having to rely on platform specific tools such as MSAA Inspect.

Firefocus UI


  • Logging of focus changes
  • Highlighting of the element with the current focus within the HTML panel


Individual Firefocus components can be enabled or disabled through the Firefocus options dialog (Accessible through the Firefox Add-ons dialog).

  • Log Focus: Log focus changes to the console.
  • Highlight Focus: Highlight the focus element in the HTML panel. This functionality is also linked to the HTML panel’s highlight changes options. The highlight behavior will change based on the HTML panel’s Highlight Changes, Expand Changes, and Scroll Changes into View options.

In a later version of Firebug the configuration of these parameters will be integrated into the Firebug UI. (Progress on this issue is tracked under fbug issue 2443)


Firefocus is available here. Firefocus support Firebug 1.4 and later releases.


Source is located in the Firebug source repository and any bugs or feature request can be reported through the Firebug issue tracker.