Firediff 1.1.2

by on Mar.21, 2011, under Firediff, Firefox, Web Dev

Just in time for the impending Firefox 4.0 release, Firediff has been updated to version 1.1.2. This release contains compatibility changes for Firefox 4.0 and Firebug 1.7 as well as the ability to sort CSS properties alphabetically.

As always, the latest version is available here and is currently under review at AMO.

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  • Danilo Celic

    Hey Kevin,

    Just wanted to let you know my experience with the Firefox 4 update. So I installed FF4 and as part of the install process it indicated that the version of FireDiff I had was not compatible with FF4 so the extension would be disabled (or something like that). Last night over drinks you mentioned that you had made an update, so I look into it again this morning. I wasn’t able to force FF4 to update FireDiff, so I had to remove it and then reinstall.

  • kpdecker

    Was this from AMO or incaseofstairs? Any idea what version you had installed previously?

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