• Implementation: Facebook for webOS Add Tag UI

  • border-image-generator: Local File Access

    This article covers the techniques used to implement the local file access feature that is included, along with tiling support, alternate styling, and parameter optimization, in the most recent push to border-image-generator.

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  • Javascript Operation Queue

    When developing for a platform that relies on asynchronous APIs, such as webOS, the application logic frequently will need to block on a given operation prior to executing other dependent components. This may include anything from loading user data after authentication to saving data after initialization of a given data structure among others.

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  • Facebook for webOS: Seed Status

    With the 1.2.1 release of Facebook for webOS, we are now officially supporting the ability to seed status updates via an application manager launch. This allows for applications that do not wish to interact directly with the Facebook APIs to provide Facebook status posts with minimal effort.

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  • ServiceRequestWrapper Update

    This article is part of my Palm Dev Day summary series as well as a follow up to the original service request garbage collection post from last month.

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